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Strategic Health Care Marketing: 2012 Index of Articles

Strategic Health Care Marketing, January – December 2012


  • Marketing Analytics: The New Imperative to Measure and Improve Marketing—First of a Two-Part Series, 1/12
  • Marketing Analytics: The Adoption of ‘Big Data’ Thinking to Effect Change and Create Opportunities within the Health Care Organization—Second of a Two-Part Series, 4/12
  • CRM Improves Value of Marketing Dollars: Targeted Mailings Increase Response Rates and Use of Services, 8/12
  • Building a Marketing Analytics Toolbox, 10/12
  • What Are You Worth? Ways to Prove It to Your Boss, 12/12
  • Goals and Tracking Examples, 12/12


  • Storytelling TV That’s Almost Impossible to Ignore in New York’s Hospital Advertising Hothouse, 2/12
  • Useful Ideas Gleaned While Reporting the New York Advertising Story, 2/12
  • Three Different Ways Hospitals Use a Tried-and-True Communication Workhorse to Build Their Brand, 4/12
  • Brochures: Some Points to Consider, 4/12
  • Swedish Hospital Advertises for ‘Hot’ Nurses—But Don’t Try This at Home, 4/12
  • Fundraising Ad Campaign Does Much More Than Generate Donations, 5/12
  • Four Takeaways from the Seattle Children’s Campaign, 5/12
  • Can You Sell a Rehab Center with a Metaphor? One Hospital Decides It Can, Using a Low-Key, Visually Poetic TV Spot, 6/12
  • Useful Insights from the Bryn Mawr Rehab Campaign Interviews, 6/12
  • Thinking Outside the Bus: Innovative Ideas Than Help Marketers Get an Extra Bang from Media Budgets, 9/12
  • Innovative Ideas Takeaway Lessons, 9/12
  • An Ad Agency Carves Out a Niche to Help Hospitals Market Niches of Their Own, 11/12
  • Three Marketing Suggestions Related to the Niche Story, 11/12

Book Reviews

  • Real Leaders Don’t Boss: Inspire, Motivate, and Earn Respect from Employees and Watch Your Organization Soar, 4/12
  • Empathetic Marketing: How to Satisfy the 6 Core Emotional Needs of Your Customers, 9/12

Brand Management

  • Children’s Hospital Shifts Marketing Emphasis from Patient Success Stories to unique Clinical Expertise—Primary Focus on Physicians, 5/12
  • Hospital Rankings: More Than Your Reputation Is in Play, 7/12
  • Marketing Recommendations for Hospital Rankings, 7/12
  • When a Hospital Changes Its Name and Location, How Does It Advertise That Fact? 8/12
  • Three Useful Tips Gleaned from the Lurie Children’s Story, 8/12

Business Development

  • Idling Open-Heart Volume Shifts Spotlight to Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, 1/12
  • Sick Child Care Facilities Help Cement Employee and Employer Relationships, 6/12
  • Retail Clinics Grow, But Still Face Challenges, 7/12
  • E-Tailing on Physician Practice Websites: Conflict of Interest, or Opportunity to Help Patients While Creating Revenue Stream? 8/12
  • Second Opinions: Taking Full Advantage of the Revenue Opportunity, 9/12
  • Budget-Friendly ‘Concierge’ Practices Gain Traction—Hospitals Could Become Friend—or Foe, 10/12
  • Employer-Based Clinics: Providers and Consultants Show Hospitals the Way to Succeed, 12/12

Consumerism/Customer Relations and Service

  • Health Systems Discover Benefits of Keeping Older Workers Happy, Engaged, 5/12
  • Hospital Tackle Noise: Sustained Success Requires Behavioral, Not Just Mechanical, Changes, 11/12

Internet & Social Media

  • Search Engine Marketing Boosts Patient Volume for Niche Service—But No ROI Silver Bullet, 1/12
  • Hospitals Mostly Use LinkedIn for Recruitment; Miss Other, Broader Opportunities, 2/12
  • Best Practices for Using Video and YouTube, 5/12
  • Research Shows First Impression of a Website Forms in Seconds, 5/12
  • Six Questions to Ask Yourself About Social Media at Your Hospital—Personal and Corporate Use Implications, 7/12
  • Study: Hospitals Need to Use Social Media Strategically, 11/12

Market Research

  • The Case for Using Neuromarketing Techniques in Health Care Marketing, 3/12
  • Hospitals Find Ways to Better Track Physician Referrals, 4/12
  • Health Systems Focus on Consumer Perceptions and Patient Satisfaction—More Broad-Based Intelligence-Gathering Still Limited, 9/12
  • Mystery Shopping Provides Unexpected Insights—Evaluate Ease of Access and Consistency of Customer Service, 10/12

Physician Relations/Operations

  • Hospitals Sharpen Efforts to Market Employed Physicians, 3/12
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry Offers Lessons for Getting a Physician’s Attention, 8/12
  • Bringing Physicians Together to Improve Referrals, 10/12
  • Marketing of Employed Doctors Is All Over the Map: Strategies to Keep Abreast of the Scramble and Get It Right, 11/12

Planning/Community Needs

  • Community Needs Assessment: A Work in Progress, 1/12
  • Community Needs Assessment: Providers Tackle Implementation, 6/12
  • Community Health Needs: Approaches and Examples, 8/12

Public Relations/Advocacy

  • Bringing PR to the Boardroom, 1/12
  • ‘Patient Promise’ Petitions Clinicians to Lead by Example, 11/12

Quality and Outcomes

  • Palliative Care Quietly Cuts Costs—First of a Two-Part Series, 11/12
  • Palliative Care Programs: Three Examples—Second of a Two-Part Series, 12/12

Sales and Promotion

  • Speed-Dating Model: Did the Attraction Survive the First Date? 2/12
  • Video Gamers Raise More Than $1 Million for Children’s Hospitals, 3/12
  • On-Hold Messages Can Enhance Overall Marketing Plan—‘Please Hold’ Presents Opportunity for Branding, Education, and Identification of New Patients, 6/12

Strategic Issues/Trends

  • Innovation or Co-Creation: Which One Is Better? 12/12


  • Partnerships with Churches Improve Community Health and Can Positively Impact Hospital Bottom Line, 2/12
  • Mind Over Marketing: The Art and Science of Behavioral Change, 3/12
  • Resources for More Information on Social Marketing, 3/12
  • Kansas City Health System Sets Out to Improve Bottom Line by Keeping Patients Healthy—‘Thinking Outside the Bed,’ 4/12
  • Hospitals Drop Ball on Health Literacy—Iowa Health System Breaks Rank to Simplify Forms, Train on Teach-Back Method, 6/12
  • Dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility Drives Many Positive Outcomes, 7/12
  • Targeted Messages Help Engage Employees in Wellness Programs, 9/12


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