eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends: 2011 Index of Articles

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, January—December 2011


  • 2011 eHealthcare Leadership Award Winners, 11/11


  • Ask the Expert: Why Should Healthcare Organizations Develop the Next Generation of e-Health Content? 2/11


  • Sick, Click, Cured: Online Diagnosis Offers Satisfaction Guarantee, 3/11
  • Using Technology to Improve the Doctor-Patient Relationship and Build Revenue, 5/11
  • Barnes-Jewish Adopts Mobile Solution to Reduce Medical Appointment No-Show Rates, 12/11


  • Establishing a Corporate Communications Strategy: The Role of eMail, Intranet, Video, and Other Tools, 4/11

Management and Organization

  • Major Medical Center Dramatically Reorganizes Marketing Department to Address Changing Communications Landscape, 6/11
  • Five Steps for a Successful Transition from In-Person to Web-Based Customer Interactions, 7/11


  • Web Initiative Engages Audience in Relevant Conversation, 1/11
  • All in the Family: Creative Audience Engagement Drives Social Media Interaction, 4/11
  • The iPad Furthers Physician-Patient Communication, 6/11
  • Annual Reports Go Online and Mobile, 8/11
  • Hospital Cafeterias Go Digital—More than a Menu, 9/11
  • Should Your Press Releases Go Social? 11/11

Mobile Marketing

  • Text Messaging Complements Fast ER Service, 3/11
  • Early Adopters of Mobile Barcodes Are Finding Success, 3/11
  • Planning Your Mobile Strategy, 7/11
  • Mobile Sites and Apps Need to Be Given Priority Despite Current Low Usage, 10/11
  • Mobile Ads Surpass Browser-Based Ads, 11/11

Relationship Building

  • Ask the Expert: How Can I Use the Web to Improve the Health of My Community? 7/11

Search Engine Strategies

  • Taking Advantage of Google’s New Sitelink Format, 11/11

Social Media

  • Two Baltimore Competitors Make the Case for Blogging, 1/11
  • Ask the Expert: Should I Consider Using the Microblogging Platform Called Tumblr? 4/11
  • Can Healthcare Learn to Love Location-Based Applications? 6/11
  • Hospitals Plug into Mom Bloggers, 7/11
  • Keys to a Strong Facebook Presence, 7/11
  • Care Community Websites Evolve as Social Media Marketing Tools, 8/11
  • Atlanta Hospital Creates Social Media Hub, 8/11
  • Hospitals Tap Online Communities for Market Research, 9/11
  • The Argument for Open Use of Social Networks in the Workplace, 10/11
  • Study: Social Media Sponsorships Well Accepted and Valuable, 10/11

Strategic Web Initiatives

  • Kiosk Shows Promise in Reducing Health Disparities, 2/11
  • Blood Donation Scheduling Tool Provides Organized and Efficient Process for Employee Participation, 5/11

Strategy/Planning/Site Development

  • Major Health System Changes Web Focus to Drive Bottom Line and Better Serve Organization, 2/11
  • Midwest Hospital Redesigns Award-Winning Website, 2/11
  • Ask the Expert: How Can I Use the Web to Support My Complex Healthcare Organization? 3/11
  • Web Tools and Analytics Drive Redesign of Website, 4/11
  • Lessons Learned in Major Site Redesign for Academic Medical Center, 5/11
  • Ask the Expert: How Can Healthcare Marketing and IT Departments Work Together More Collaboratively in the Future? 5/11
  • Ask the Expert: Website ROI—How Do I Get the Hard Numbers? 6/11
  • Ask the Expert: How Do I Know If My Site Search Needs an Upgrade? 8/11
  • Ask the Expert: What Are the Pros and Cons of a Web Committee? 9/11
  • Tips and Advice About Committees, 9/11
  • Web Team at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Meets Challenge of Developing a Separate Site for School’s Pediatrics Department, 9/11
  • Cleveland Clinic’s Journey to Improve and Expand Its Digital Initiatives to Significantly Drive Revenue, 10/11
  • Ask the Expert: How Do You Go About Choosing the Right Content Management System? 10/11


  • Leveraging Technology to Create Two-Way Communication for Improving Care, Outcomes, and Patient Engagement Inside and Outside Hospitals, 9/11
  • Palm-Scanning Technology Sees Growth, Success, 10/11
  • When Is a Health Information Breach Not a Breach? 11/11
  • MultiCare’s Good Samaritan Hospital Tunes Into Benefits of RFID and Smartboards, 12/11

Trends, Developments, Online Demographics

  • Ask the Expert: How Would You Characterize Today’s Level of e-Healthcare Development? Part Two, 1/11
  • How Your e-Healthcare Colleagues Consider Some Key Issues, 1/11
  • Hospital Marketers Reveal Their Views About Emerging Marketing Approaches, 5/11
  • Ask the Expert: What Are the Key Trends in e-Healthcare Development? Part One, 11/11
  • Ask the Expert: What Are the Key Trends in e-Healthcare Development? Part Two, 12/11
  • Interactive Marketing to Grow Rapidly During Next Five Years, But Traditional Marketing Will Still Constitute Majority of Spending, 12/11

Web Site Reviews

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan—A Healthier Michigan, Genzyme Corp.- Synvisc-One, Adventist HealthCare, 1/11
  • Columbia St. Mary’s, Fairfield County Bariatrics, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children—Kids Health Safari, Presbyterian Healthcare Services—Your Story Is Our Story, 2/11
  • Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma, Let’s Move It—Cleveland Clinic, Xyzal (Sanofi-Aventis), UnitedHealth Group, 3/11
  • White Memorial Medical Center, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield—Medicare, Columbus Regional Hospital, 4/11
  • Tanner Health System—See Dave Sleep, Steward Health Care System, Story County Medical Center, 5/11
  • Parrish Medical Center, Catholic Healthcare West—Careers, 6/11
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital, Baystate Health, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Brown & Toland Physicians—Facebook, 7/11
  • Baptist Hospital South Florida, Joslin Diabetes Center, St. Dominic Hospital, 8/11
  • Cook Children’s Health Care System, RMH Heart and Vascular Center—Heroes, University of Utah Health Care, Children with Diabetes, 9/11
  • MoBap Childbirth Center—Missouri Baptist Medical Center, I Had Cancer, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center—Her Health Content, 10/11
  • America’s Health Rankings—State HealthStats, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center, Kosair Children’s Hospital—Coping Club, Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin—Wayfinding, 11/11
  •, South Palm Orthopedics, The Philadelphia Antiques Show—A Benefit for Penn Medicine, Mount Carmel Pink Link Mobile App, 12/11