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Strategic Health Care Marketing: 2011 Index of Articles

Strategic Health Care Marketing, January – December 2011


  • Managers Play ‘Game’ to Acquire Business Acumen, 11/11
  • ER-Based Simulation Game, 11/11
  • Demonstrate Your Value and Understand C-Suite Needs to Succeed, 12/11


  • Airport Advertising Helps Marketers ‘Go Big,’ 2/11
  • Look Ma! Almost No Brand Name! An Unorthodox TV Campaign Helps Abington Memorial Hospital Build Brand Awareness, 4/11
  • Five Lessons Gleaned from Interviews for the Abington Memorial Hospital Story, 4/11
  • In What Promises to Be a Successful Attempt to Portray the ‘Customer Experience,’ a Minnesota Children’s Hospital Takes a Creative Route That Some Others Shun, 5/11
  • Three Insights Gleaned During Interviews for the Story Concerning Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, 5/11
  • A Medical Facility with a Great National Reputation Among Doctors Tries Spreading the Word to ‘Civilians,’ 6/11
  • Four Lessons Gleaned During Interviews for the National Jewish Health Story, 6/11
  • Oops! Ouch! and Oh No! Ads Zoom in on Households with Kids, 6/11
  • Getting Bigger While Staying Folksy: A Merged System of Hospitals and Clinics Works to Keep Its Small-Town Image, 8/11
  • Four Lessons Marketers Can Take Home from the Essentia Health Campaign, 8/11
  • Stroke Campaign Packs Punch in Orange County, 8/11
  • An Upbeat, Good News Hospital Branding Campaign Pleases Staff and Generates High Awareness Scores, 10/11
  • Five Hints, Tips, and Rules of Thumb Related to the Physicians Regional Healthcare System Campaign, 10/11
  • To the Boiling Cauldron of Hyper-Competitive New York Hospital Advertising, One ‘New’ Contender Stirs in a Dash of History, 12/11
  • Four Pointers for Hospital Marketers Gleaning During Interviews for the Lenox Hill Hospital Story, 12/11

Brand Management

  • New Isn’t Always Better, 2/11
  • Community Hospital Chain Spends Very Big Bucks to Build a Brand, 5/11
  • Marketers Don’t Have to Be Satisfied with Their Current Reputation Rankings – Lessons from Two Progressive Organizations, 9/11
  • Hospital Names Influence Patient, Employee, Physician Perceptions and Decisions, 9/11

Business Development

  • Remodeling Underway in Sleep Center Field – More Competition, Tighter Reimbursement, Greater Expectations, 1/11
  • Emergency Departments Adapt to Needs of Older Patients, 2/11
  • Employer Wellness Clinics Put Control in Patients’ Hands, 4/11
  • Will 2011 Be the ‘Tipping Point’ for Domestic Medical Travel? 5/11
  • Putting on the Ritz: Deluxe Post-Hospital Stays in Philadelphia, 5/11
  • Hospitals in Malls: Wave of the Future? 7/11
  • FDA Lowers Threshold for Lap-Band Surgery and Hospitals Continue to Respond with Creative Promotions – But Insurers Still Hold Reins, 10/11

Consumerism/Customer Relations and Service

  • How Health Care Facilities Can Use Patient and Family Advisory Councils to Improve the Patient Experience and More, 7/11
  • Philadelphia Hospital Employs Ritz-Carlton Model for Service Excellence, 9/11
  • The Bottom-Line Impact of Chief Experience Officers – First of Two Parts on Efforts to Improve the Patient Experience, 10/11
  • Understanding Patients’ Fears Is Critical to Customer Service, 11/11
  • Homegrown Strategies for Improving the Patient Experience – Second of Two Parts on Efforts to Improve the Patient Experience, 11/11


  • Integrated Mobile Marketing Is a Game Changer, 6/11
  • Orbiting for Ideas – The Matchless Insights of Gordon MacKenzie, 12/11

Internet & Social Media

  • Getting Started with Social Media: More Than Tweets and Posts, 3/11
  • Seize the Moment to Create Attention, 6/11
  • Digestive Topics Find a Consumptive Online Audience, 6/11

Market Research

  • Directing Ad Dollars in the Right Direction, 2/11

Physician Relations/Operations

  • Forward-Thinking Strategies for Marketing Employed Physicians, 1/11
  • Additional Ways to Enhance the Marketing Support of Employed Physicians, 1/11
  • Physician Relations Rises to New Level of Sophistication, 4/11
  • Multiple Methods to Boost Primary Care Capacity – Operational Fixes Paramount, 4/11
  • Effective Communication with Physicians: Understand Their Needs, Less Is Often Better, 7/11


  • Extreme Strategic Planning: A Dramatic Change in the Very Fabric of the Organization, 2/11
  • A Tale of Two Hospital Turnarounds – Then the Recession, 6/11

Public Relations/Advocacy

  • Best Place to Work? Who Cares? 3/11
  • Delivery Room Camera Policies Differ; Restrictions Can Upset Parents, 5/11
  • Health System Creates Its Own News Outlet, 11/11

Quality and Outcomes

  • Hospital Ticket to Ride Combines Best of High-Touch and High-Tech, 1/11
  • Few Hospitals Will Meet New Tobacco Measures – Shortcoming Reflects Scarcity of Robust Inpatient Tobacco Cessation Programs, 12/11

Sales and Promotion

  • Hospitals Build Loyalty with Intimate ‘Mammogram Parties,’ 1/11
  • Marketing General Surgery: Three Views on Three Tactics, 2/11
  • Proton Therapy Centers Present Unique Marketing Challenge, 7/11
  • Hospitals Examine Marketability of Performance Rankings, 8/11
  • Little Hospitals Flex Their Marketing Might, 9/11

Strategic Issues/Trends

  • Inside the Looking Glass: What a New Era of Accountable Care Reveals About Marketing, 3/11
  • ACO: Another Term for Hospital ‘Mad Cow’ Disease? 5/11


  • Paying for Good Health – An Idea Whose Time Has Come, 3/11
  • Hospital Walking Club Gets Bostonians Moving, 7/11
  • Employee Health Programs Produce Variety of Results, 8/11
  • Health Care Providers Partner with Schools to Provide Sports Concussion Screening, 11/11


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