Special Report Explains HOA Leader Roles and Duties

We’re hearing from a growing number of association members who want more detail about their responsibilities—or who want an easy way to educate their newly elected fellow board members about what, exactly, board members do. What’s the president supposed to do? How about the vice president, secretary, and treasurer?

In this exclusive special report, we provide you with insight that will guide your board and officers in their day-to-day roles. We explain each officer’s duties and responsibilities, discuss where officers sometimes get confused about their roles, and provide guidance on how officers and directors can make sure they’re fulfilling their duties while not stepping on others’ toes.

As always, when it comes to issues of legal compliance for HOAs, it is important to remember that each state has its own rules, and you should consult with an attorney or other professional as to the appropriate steps for your specific situation.

Our goal for this report, as for all HOAleader.com information products, is to help make your association a better run organization and help make you a better leader for your community. I am confident that you will find concrete ideas you can put to work in your condo or homeowners association.

— Matt Humphrey, President/Founder

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  HOA Leadership Roles and Duties

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