How to Make Your Architectural Review Committee More Fair and Effective [ Webinar]

How to Make Your Architectural Review Committee More Fair and Effective

An Webinar for Condo and HOA Boards

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
2-3 p.m. Eastern

A North Carolina case, Duff v. The Sanctuary at Lake Wylie Property Owners Association, sums up the challenges with architectural review committees—they often don’t have great policies and procedures, and they can get your condo or HOA into big legal trouble.

In Duff, the court held that an HOA’s ARC essentially put homeowners through the motions with no intention of approving their architectural requests. That arbitrariness cost the HOA dearly—$70,000 in punitive damages alone.

Duff isn’t the first case in which an ARC acted improperly, and it won’t be the last. But we can help you ensure your community’s ARC doesn’t land your association in similarly choppy waters—and we can help you tackle the new questions ARCs face today as a result of challenges triggered by new focus on structural issues as a result of the Surfside, Fla., condo collapse.

Join us for an in-depth webinar on May 15, when two community association lawyers will help you understand how you can strengthen your ARC to ensure fewer headaches, happier owners, and a fairer, more consistent outcome.

You’ll get clear and helpful information on:

  • The many different ways governing documents address architectural review (some allow broad powers, others less, some have a separate and independent committee, others don’t)
  • A review of a few cases in various states showing the ways ARCs got community associations in legal trouble
  • Who should be on your ARC and whether you can make changes whenever you think it would improve your processes
  • How to determine which architectural changes need to be approved by your ARC and which don’t—and whether that standard has changed today temporarily or permanently as a result of scrutiny post-Surfside
  • The factors the ARC should consider in reviewing requests—every single time they get a request, along with tips for reviewing applications
  • Whether your ARC or board can control or influence owners’ decisions about whether they can have workers on site inside and outside their homes, and when it might be wise to do so, if it’s possible
  • How you and your ARC members can improve consistency and predictability for owners by creating a historical record to ensure ARC members today, and those in five years, are aware of past decisions
  • How owners can appeal ARC decisions
  • Dos and don’ts when it comes to ARC practices
  • And much more!

In one hour, you’ll receive information you can implement immediately to ensure your ARC operates professionally and consistently—and ultimately that your owners will understand and respect your ARC’s decisions. Register now for this informative event for community association board members.