What Condo/HOA Boards Need to Know About Regulating Rentals [HOAleader.com Webinar]

Rentals in Your HOA or Condo Getting You Down? What Condo/HOA Boards Need to Know About Regulating Rentals

An HOAleader.com Webinar for Condo and HOA Boards

Thursday, August 17, 2023
2-3 p.m. Eastern

Travel is back! And guess where many travelers in the United States are staying? You’ve got it: In a short-term rental—perhaps one in your community, even.

But when you approach owners about the possibility, you’re told that nice lady who just moved into Owner Ollie’s unit is his cousin—wink, wink. And that family that rolled their luggage in Owner Ophelia’s unit last Thursday and rolled it back out Sunday night? They’re just friends! Nothing to see here!

Rentals are one of the toughest issues to control at HOAs, and they’ve become even more difficult to oversee with Americans traveling the country. What’s a responsible board to do?

Join us for a don’t-miss webinar on August 17 on how to create a smart—and enforceable—rental policy at your HOA. You’ll hear two community association lawyers with decades of hands-on experience in advising associations share their best advice on:

  • What to know about rentals in HOAs: Is it true they can lower property values? Or is that just an urban myth perpetuated by stuffy, get-off-my-lawn-type owners?
  • The pros and cons of creating rental restrictions in your community, including the biggie: How do we enforce it?
  • Factors to consider when you evaluate whether your HOA needs a change in policy—whether it’s going from a no-rental plan to permitting rentals or the other way around
  • What you need to know about the booming business of short-term rentals by homeowners
  • Provisions to include in a rental policy to ensure it’s reasonable and enforceable
  • Best practices for educating your community on your proposed rental policy so you can actually get it passed
  • How to monitor your owners’ activities to ensure they’re not violating your policy
  • Tips to make enforcement less daunting, time-consuming, and contentious, including smart ideas for fines that will deter and punish abusers
  • Suggestions for dealing with those violating your rules, whether they’re doing regular, annual leases or listing their property on Airbnb, VRBO, and other websites in violation of your rules
  • And much more!

In just 60 minutes, you’ll hear the most important information you need to assess and tweak your rental policy. Register now for this informative event for community association board members.