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Strategic Health Care Marketing: 2010 Index of Articles

Strategic Health Care Marketing, January – December 2010


  • Marketing Measurement and Accountability to Take Center Stage, 7/10
  • It’s Time for a ‘New and Improved’ Chief Marketing Officer, 10/10


  • In This David and Goliath Tale, David Loads His Slingshot with Flowers, Interactive Ads, Clever Media Buys, and Direct Mail, 1/10
  • Three Lessons from Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Campaign, 1/10
  • So Retro It’s New: Hospital Ads Employ Photography Reminiscent of Life Magazine to Seize Eyeballs and Build Awareness, 2/10
  • Four Points to Consider from This Case History [of NYU Langone Medical Center Campaign], 2/10
  • Embracing What You Have: A 97-Bed Hospital Builds Patient Traffic by Celebrating Its ‘True Strength,’ 4/10
  • Three Points to Consider for Your Own Hospital’s Advertising Strategy, 4/10
  • One Hospital Achieves a Differentiating Breakthrough—with Animated Drawings, 6/10
  • Four Useful Pointers, Mined During Interviews for This Story [on Animated Drawings], 6/10
  • Intermountain Healthcare Battles Childhood Obesity with Multimillion-Dollar Public Service Campaign, 7/10
  • South Carolina Hospital Counters High-Tech Stance of Competitors with Emotional Advertising Targeting Women of All Ages, 7/10
  • Three Useful Ideas Gleaned in Interviews [for the South Carolina Hospital Campaign], 7/10
  • Micro Campaigns Help Health Care Organizations Break Though Clutter, 10/10

Book Reviews

  • Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare: A Catalyst for Cost Savings and Improved Productivity, 3/10

Brand Management

  • Storytellers Boost the Brand—Finding and Activating Brand Ambassadors, 4/10
  • From ‘The Home’ to ‘Health Systems,’ Miami Jewish Masterfully Orchestrates a Name Change, 4/10
  • Will Clarian Health’s New Name Be a Brand Slam? 6/10
  • How to Align Human Resources and the Health Care Brand—Organization-Wide Consistency Is the Goal, 7/10
  • Unlocking Your Brand’s Potential—Five Proven Techniques for Moving Beyond Internal Branding to True Employee Brand Engagement, 9/10
  • The Power of Taglines in Hospital Branding Campaigns—The Internal Focus, 10/10

Business Development

  • Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement’ Gains Popularity Among Providers, Consumers, 2/10
  • Wound Care Centers Struggle to Keep Up with Demand—Outcomes, Information Sharing with Referring Physicians Drive Success, 6/10
  • Access to Executive Health Care Grows, 7/10
  • Personalized Medicine Gains Traction, 9/10
  • Provider, Insurer Partner to Create Environmental Cancer Program, 10/10

Consumerism/Customer Relations and Service

  • Discount Programs Add Value to Employee Benefits, 2/10
  • Arkansas Hospital Adopts Disney Formula and Sees Rapid Improve-ment in Patient Satisfaction, 9/10
  • Virtual Greeter Improves Wayfinding at Lake Health, 11/10


  • Empathetic Organizations Innovate and Grow—Hanging Out with Customers and More, 10/10

Internet & Social Media

  • Reporters on Twitter—Who Are You Following? 1/10
  • A Carefully Planned Social Media Policy Manages Risk and Leverages Opportunities, 3/10
  • Ten Key Elements of a Good Social Media Policy, 3/10
  • Social Media Use Should Be a Strategy, Not a Bunch of Disparate Tactics, 5/10
  • Additional [Social Media] Avenues, 5/10

Market Research

  • Customer Advisory Groups Can Offer Powerful Insights for the Price of a Meal, 3/10
  • Community Hospital Takes Shot at Online Research with Social Media Aspects to Help Develop Breast Cancer Center, 11/10
  • When Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups Shine and When They Shouldn’t Be Used, 11/10
  • Targets Count Big When Choosing Research Tactics, 12/10

Physician Relations/Operations

  • Growth from Targeted Efforts Aimed at Physician Splitters, 5/10
  • BayCare Ambulatory Services: The Sales Model, 5/10
  • It’s a Match: Speed-Dating Model Pairs Patients and Docs, 5/10
  • Employed Physicians: ‘A Service Line of Very High Priority,’ 11/10
  • Hospitals Mostly Ignore Physician-Rating Web Sites—But Facilities Should Prod Doctors to Monitor Their Online Reputation and Counter Negativity, 12/10


  • The Value of Second Opinions for Credence Goods, 3/10
  • Are You Ready to Assess and Address Your Community’s Needs? 11/10


  • Wuesthoff Plays Cost Card to Position Itself with Employers, Consumers—EOB Statements Tell a Story, 1/10
  • Need for Strategic Pricing Grows as More Consumers Shop for Health Care, 8/10

Public Relations/Advocacy

  • Family Pet Visitation Programs Unleash Best in Patients, Hospitals, 4/10
  • Ten Excellent Ways to Defeat Your Own PR Efforts, 8/10
  • Are You Inadvertently Hurting Your Chances for Positive Media Coverage? 10/10

Quality and Outcomes

  • Geisinger’s ProvenCare Has Many Admirers, But Apparently Not Among Insurers, 3/10
  • Warming Gowns: A Cool Idea Hospitals Are Embracing, 4/10
  • Should All Hospitals Become Accountable Care Organizations? 6/10

Sales and Promotion

  • Brand and Business Benefit from Sports Celebrity Partnerships, 1/10
  • The High-Altitude View: Some Consultants Speak Out [About Sports Partnerships], 1/10
  • Consumers Declare ER Preference with ‘Take Me There’ Card, 3/10
  • Events with Traction Attract, Engage, and Move Audiences to Action, 5/10
  • Hospitals Score Big with School Athletic Trainer Programs, 6/10
  • The New Normal in Women’s Health—Three Health Systems Share How They Engage Women Outside the Labor and Delivery Suite, 8/10
  • Bigger, Simpler Pays Off for Educational Medical Displays, 9/10
  • The Changing Face of Health Care Directories—From Print to Mobile Apps, 11/10

Strategic Issues/Trends

  • Accountable Care: Which Way Forward? 12/10
  • HMO Springboard Approach, 12/10
  • Standardized Medical Records, 12/10


  • Obesity-Prevention Programs Yield Community Partnerships, Referrals, and ROI, 2/10
  • Faith Community Nursing Introduced in Phoenix Area—Improve Quality of Life, Aid Healing, Save Money, 8/10