HOA Sample Policies Special Report — Brand-New

We are excited to announce the release of our latest special report, HOA Policies: 17 Sample Policies Every Homeowners Association Board of Directors Should Consider.

HOA Policies is another special report that is free to members of HOAleader.com.

Below you can read the table of contents. Each section in this 50+ page report includes an explanation of why the policy is important and aspects of the policy HOA boards should consider.

We lay the groundwork for your board to draft policies and procedures governing a broad scope of association life by providing you with 17 sample policies released exclusively to you by HOAleader.com’s expert contributors. Governing documents and state laws vary, but these samples can serve as a baseline for you to work with your attorney to craft policies that comply with your governing documents and state laws.

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Table of Contents

Financial Oversight Policies
1. Assessment Collection Policies   2
     a. Sample 1: Late Fees and Collection Policy   3
     b. Sample 2: Assessment Collection Policy   4
2. Insurance Deductible Policy   9
3. Rentals: Background Check Certification   10
4. Rentals: Hardship Exception to a Ban on Rentals   13
5. Violation And Fine Policies   15
     a. Sample 1: Violation and Fine Policy   15
     b. Sample 2: Enforcement And Due Process Policy   21
Governance Policies
1. Architectural Control Policy   25
2. Standards and Procedures for Committees   28
3. Document Retention Policy   30
4. Email Policy   33
5. Model Code of Conduct for Board Members   34
6. Model Code of Conduct for Homeowners   37
7. Pet Policy   40
8. Resolution Regarding Executive Session   44
9. Rules for Recording Meetings   47
10. Towing Policy   50