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Strategic Health Care Marketing: 2009 Index of Articles

Strategic Health Care Marketing, January – December 2009

Accountability/Database Marketing
Database Marketing

  • Marketing Performance Report Reinforces Accountability, Helps Break Down Barriers Between Marketing and Clinical Areas, 6/09
  • Customer Relationship Management Boosts Revenue and Marketing Efficiency—New Movers Serve as Example, 12/09


  • ‘Ambient Advertising’ Helps an Indiana Startup Gain a Strong Foothold, 1/09
  • Five Lessons Participants Say They Have Learned from the ‘Ambient Advertising’ Campaign, 1/09
  • Boiling Ideas Down to Basics: South Carolina System Uses Simple Messages and Unconventional Cartoon TV Spots to Build a Following in Its Market, 2/09
  • Takeaway Lessons from South Carolina System’s Campaign, 2/09
  • Smart Strategies for Health Care Advertising in Tight Times, 3/09
  • Tease, Get Emotional, Then Talk Business—Three-Step Ad Campaign Builds Awareness and Referrals, 4/09
  • Four Tips for Hospital Advertisers, 4/09
  • Experts Speak Out About Social Media’s Place in the Health Care Marketing Mix, 6/09
  • Marketing Health Care to the Modern Procrastinator, 8/09
  • Will We Never Learn? 11/09

Brand Management

  • Sprucing Up a Work-a-Day Image: Occupational Therapy’s New Brand, 5/09
  • Picking a Good One—How to Name a Physician Group, 9/09
  • Ambassadors in the Streets, Local Advertising, and Focused Message Are Key Components of Rebranding Campaign, 11/09

Business Development

  • Perinatal Mental Health Programs Get Solid Returns, 1/09
  • Overseas Medical Tourism Spurs Trend in Domestic Medical Travel, 3/09
  • Concierge Medicine Programs: An Update, 3/09
  • Economy ‘Ideal’ for Occupational Health Programs: Consultants Say Distracted Hospitals Are Largely Ignoring the Opportunity; A Few Noteworthy Exceptions, 5/09
  • Texas Group Seeks to Emulate Northern Stars, 5/09
  • Some Services Are Small but Mighty, 6/09
  • Global Recession Affects Medical Tourism Trade, 7/09
  • Complementary Medicine Gives ‘Luster’ to Hospitals, 7/09
  • Retail Strategies for Health Care Organizations: Is Now the Time? 9/09
  • Incontinence Centers Shine Bright Light on Problem, 10/09
  • Miami Seeks Patients from Outside the United States in Collaborative Venture, 10/09
  • Health Care Retail Clinics Continue to Expand, 12/09

Consumerism/Customer Relations and Service

  • Advocating for Patients—Implications for Hospitals, 3/09
  • How Hospitals Bring Patient Relations Initiatives to Life—Does Marketing Play a Special Role? 8/09
  • Administrative Rounding Boosts Satisfaction Scores, 9/09
  • Patient Relations Programs Drive Loyalty, Top-Line Revenue—Recruiting, Employee Engagement, Innovation Strategies Play a Role, 10/09


  • Michigan System Opens New Hospital That Exemplifies ‘Health and Healing Beyond the Boundaries of Imagination,’ 3/09
  • Executives Assume Front-Line and Support Staff Jobs—COO as Patient Transporter for the Day, 12/09

Market Research

  • Use Market Research to Strengthen Your Financial Health, 5/09
  • Boomer Women Are Not Like Women of Years Past, 6/09
  • Immediate Feedback Tool Ups Patient Satisfaction Score, 6/09
  • Mystery Shops Can Help Detect Key Problems That Keep Patients Away, 8/09
  • Mystery Shopping Nuggets, 8/09
  • Alternative to Traditional Focus Groups Saves Money, Offers Flexibility, 9/09
  • Think Your Market Research Is Working? Think Again. Questioning Traditional Research Methods and Exploring the New, 10/09
  • Additional Insights—Resources for Getting Closer to the Customer, 10/09
  • University of Michigan Health System Pilots Experience Mapping in Patient-Centered Skin Cancer Program—A Framework for Destination Marketing; Creating Patient, Physician Advocates, 11/09

Physician Relations/Operations

  • Medical Staff Engagement, 2/09
  • Physician Mentoring Boosts Recruitment and Retention, 4/09
  • Helpful Resources for Physician Mentoring, 4/09
  • Physician Retention, 4/09
  • How Physician Engagement Drives Physician Satisfaction and Market Share, 4/09
  • ‘Surgicalist’ Programs Create Efficiencies, Attract Physicians, 11/09
  • Meridian Health Pilots Sophisticated Physician-to-Physician Marketing Program—But Future Path Uncertain, 11/09


  • Strategists Face Financial Fear Factors, 2/09
  • Marketers Need to Lead Miracle on Main Street, 2/09

Public Relations/Advocacy

  • Hospital Hospitality Houses Thrive Despite Being Unprofitable—Think Mission, Goodwill, and Word-of-Mouth, 2/09
  • Transforming PR Tactics in a Troubled Economy—How Will Patients and Other Stakeholders React When Expensive New Hospitals Open in Some of the Nation’s Hardest-Hit Areas? 4/09
  • Media Relations’ New Realities, 4/09
  • How Hospitals Should Respond to Consumer Questions About Their Economic Stability, 6/09
  • How to Work with—and Around—Ineffective Spokespeople, 11/09

Quality and Outcomes

  • Text Message Reminders Can Expand Relationships with Patients and Improve Outcomes—But Short Message Service, or SMS, Communication Isn’t Perfect, 7/09
  • Texting Innovation, 7/09

Sales and Promotion

  • Physician Liaison Programs: Do’s and Don’ts, 5/09
  • The Business of Manners, 8/09

Strategic Issues/Trends

  • Top Trends Affecting Health Care Marketing in 2009, 1/09
  • Health Care Reform Has Implications for Marketers—Get Used to the ‘New Normal,’ 12/09


  • Hospitals Get Serious About Wellness, Starting with Waistlines of Their Own Employees, 7/09
  • Dual Campaigns Tempt Employees to Eat Well, Lose Weight, 7/09
  • A Focus on Cultural Diversity Pays Off, 8/09