How Bad HOA and Condo Boards Hurt Themselves: Expert Community Managers Offer “Tough Love” Your Board Can’t Afford to Ignore [ Webinar]

How Bad HOA and Condo Boards Hurt Themselves: Expert Community Managers Offer “Tough Love” Your Board Can’t Afford to Ignore

An Webinar for Condo and HOA Boards

Thursday, April 18, 2024
2-3 p.m. Eastern

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Community managers Katie Anderson and Brad van Rooyen have nearly 40 years of expertise in the industry and own their own firms. And they recently told that they have fired more condo and HOA boards in the past year than they ever have.

“We have condos in our area that can’t find a manager who’ll work with them,” says van Rooyen. “They’re self-managing because they have no other choice.”

“I have a feeling these associations are going to crush the industry,” he adds. “Nobody’s going to want to go into the association management industry. That will make property values go down. And it will cause legislation governing condos and HOAs to become more draconian and regulatory than it already is.”

Don’t get Anderson and van Rooyen wrong—they love their work, and they love their clients—the ones they keep. They say there are many, many good board members out there. But a few bad apples on a board can ruin things for the whole community, and if that happens, your condo or HOA could be forced to manage itself or forced to pay a fortune to get a manager who’ll tolerate the damage those few leaders heap on the manager.

The good news is that these pros have offer tough love that will help you operate your community smarter and with less conflict, get the best work out of your manager without paying a fortune, and deal effectively with those board members who could do lasting damage to your community.

Join us for this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The types of lawsuits they’re seeing more frequently among their clients, and the board actions that trigger those lawsuits
  • How the spike in lawsuits costs condo and HOA board members more stress and their communities more money
  • The growth in recall votes and contested elections they’re both experiencing among their clients and the lessons for board members nationwide
  • Why you should work hard to avoid these problems (spoiler alert: They damage property values for everyone in the condo or HOA)
  • What you can reasonably expect from your managers, the services that will cost more—and the types of requests that are so unreasonable that managers will decline to renew your contract or even fire your community as a client
  • The concrete steps your board can take today to reduce your risk of lawsuits, recalls, and ugly, contested elections
  • Tips for effectively curbing the damage done by board members with an agenda that’s not in the best interest of the community

In just one hour, you’ll understand the changes your community could face in the future and hear actionable information you can use to best position your community for a smooth and successful future. Register now for this informative event for community association board members.