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Strategic Health Care Marketing: 2013 Index of Articles

Strategic Health Care Marketing, January – December 2013


  • A Leading Cancer Treatment Center Focuses on Outcomes, with Eclectic Mix of TV Spots, Radio, and Print, 1/13
  • Three Extra Marketing Pointers Gleaned from the Cancer Treatment Center Story, 1/13
  • How to Reach Your Target Audience When You Don’t Know Who It Is Yet, 2/13
  • Further Insights About the Moss Rehab Story, 2/13
  • Ad Campaign Deploys Gas Pumps, Shopping Carts, Car Bumpers, and More to Build Employee Bonds and Create a Cohesive Public Identity, 3/13
  • Differentiating a Brand Image with Emotional, Storytelling Visuals—and a Little Borscht Belt Humor, 4/13
  • Sometimes, Wildly Eccentric Advertising Buys Extra Awareness, 4/13
  • The Hemingway Challenge: A Novel Exercise to Improve Communications, 5/13
  • A Hospital for Kids Touches Musicians—Now Their Music Touches a Community and Helps Build the Hospital’s Brand Awareness, 5/13
  • Points to Ponder from the Kosair Children’s Campaign, 5/13
  • From Television to Direct Mail, an In-House Advertising Agency Does It All for Legacy Health, While Keeping a Lid on Costs, 6/13
  • Do You Build In-House Advertising Capability or Work with an Independent Ad Agency? 6/13
  • A New Jersey Hospital with a Century-Old Reputation for Delivering Babies Builds Awareness with Storks and a Cabbage Patch, 7/13
  • How Dominant Are Your Print Ads? 7/13
  • The University of Kansas Hospital Builds a Strong Reputation While Avoiding ‘Image-y’ Ads, 9/13
  • Telling Versus Selling, 9/13
  • Aesop, The Neuromarketer—The Power of the Simple Story, 9/13
  • Personal Stories Boost Fundraising, 9/13
  • Launched and Celebrated, a Campaign for a New Hospital Service Got Great Attention Before Everything Changed, 10/13
  • Takeaway Lessons About the Northeast Back Institute Advertising, 10/13
  • A Strong Hospital Brand Finds It Needs to Rebrand—and Then Reaps Positive Results, 11/13
  • Rebranding Lifts Staff Morale, Helps Staff Satisfy Patient Expectations, 11/13

Brand Management

  • What’s in a Name? Rebranding Ties Health System Together, 3/13
  • Internal Branding and Stemming Leakage the Imperative of Today, 9/13
  • Personal Connections, Consistency, and More—Advice from a Brand Authority, 9/13
  • The C-Suite Weighs In on Health Care Branding, 10/13
  • Dignity Health Rebrands: Say Hello to Human Kindness, 12/13
  • A Unified Brand Has Many Benefits; Need to Give the Process Time, 12/13
  • Turning a House of Brands into a Branded House, 12/13

Business Development

  • Growing a Cancer Care Program: Promising Ways to Spread the Word, 1/13
  • Behavioral Health Programs Tailored to Niche Populations Gain Traction, 3/13
  • Hospitals Tackle Risks and Rewards of Insurance Business, 3/13
  • Blood Management Programs Extend Marketing Efforts—Patients Choose Bloodless Medicine for Non-Religious Reasons, 5/13
  • Community Hospitals Reposition Themselves with Clinical Trials—Innovative, Progressive Care Is a Competitive Differentiator, 6/13
  • Geographic Expansion Is a Continuing Saga, 6/13
  • Rehab Center Gets Smart, 9/13
  • Comprehensive Cancer Rehabilitation Offers Hospitals Point of Differentiation, 10/13
  • Dedicated Emergency Departments Target Expectant Moms, 11/13


  • Weekly Huddles Keep Projects Moving—Lean Principles Enhance Marketing Activities, 2/13
  • Teaching Hospitals Lead Innovation Movement, 4/13

Internet & Social Media

  • Social Media ROI Means Much More Than ‘Likes’ and ‘Views,’ 7/13
  • Lessons Learned: Tips for Managing Online Reputations, 8/13
  • Looking for More Online Reviews? Solicit and Post Them on Your Own Website, 8/13

Market Research

  • Market Research and Engagement Through an Online Community Panel, 6/13
  • Beyond Quality and Safety: Patient and Family Advisory Councils Involved in Strategic Planning and Marketing, 10/13


  • Big Data, Little Information? 11/13

Population Health Management

  • Racing to Wellness: The Wellness Spectrum, 1/13
  • Racing to Wellness: The Consumer’s Point of View, 2/13
  • Racing to Wellness: A Marketing Model for Wellness, 4/13
  • Population Health Management: Fact and Fiction, 11/13


  • Consumers Shop Price More, But Industry Response Still Lags, 7/13
  • Pricing Information Now Expected by Alegent Consumers, 7/13
  • Will Posting Prices Trigger a Price War? 12/13

Public Relations/Advocacy

  • Letting Go Is Hard to Do; Knowing When to Leave Your Job, 2/13

Quality and Outcomes

  • Brain Health Center Offers Model for Comprehensive Alzheimer’s Care; Collaborative Approach Benefits Patients and Family Caregivers, 5/13
  • The Care Navigation Team Model, 5/13
  • Shared Appointments Improve Access, Quality, 8/13
  • Pharmacists Help Hospitals Cut Readmissions, 8/13
  • Non-Clinical Care Guides Offer Positive Approach to Patient Care, 11/13

Reputation Management

  • Lakeland HealthCare Focuses Its Marketing Efforts on Employees, 2/13
  • Planetree Hospitals Achieve High Satisfaction, Performance Scores, 7/13
  • Shooting for Five-Star Ratings? Online Reviews Provide Feedback and Opportunity to Manage Reputation, 8/13

Sales and Promotion

  • What’s ‘New’ About New Movers? 5/13
  • Tips for Marketing to New Movers, 5/13
  • For Better Results, Undertake a Customer Intimacy Strategy to Truly Engage Consumers, 11/13

Strategic Issues/Trends

  • Focus on Consumer Needs, Not Provider Needs to Survive Health Care Transformation—Price and Quality Transparency to Gain Importance in Coming Years, 12/13


  • A Greenhouse Helps Grow a Vision; Initiative Leads Other Hospital Healthy Food Efforts, 1/13
  • Cincinnati Hospital and Local Restaurants Serve Up a Successful Heart Healthy Restaurant Program, 3/13
  • Hospitals Use Health Coaches to Improve the Health of Their Own Employees, 6/13
  • Behavioral Marketing Puts Dent in Binge Drinking, Car Crashes—Party Smarter, Road Crew Take Off, 8/13
  • Ohio Health System Develops First Steps to Wellness Campaign, 9/13


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