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Strategic Health Care Marketing: 2008 Index of Articles

Strategic Health Care Marketing, January – December 2008


  • When the Competition Gets Tough, It Sometimes Pays to Make the Ads Even Tougher, 1/08
  • Three Lessons You Can Learn from the Vidalia Story, 1/08
  • Getting the Marketing Plan Right Helps Phoenix Children’s Hospital Do More Than Just Effective Advertising, 2/08
  • Lessons from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Story, 2/08
  • Hospital Builds a Presence in San Francisco with Humor—Getting the Right Eyeballs, 4/08
  • An Alabama Health System Brands Itself with a Memorable—and Unusual—Involvement Device, 5/08
  • Five Lessons from Studying the St. Vincent’s Campaign, 5/08
  • A Rising Tide of Advertising Awareness for One Specialty Seems to Lift Perceptions of Others, 8/08
  • Four Lessons to Be Learned from ECMC’s Advertising, 8/08

Book Reviews

  • Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands, 4/08
  • Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, 5/08
  • Aligning Incentives, Information, and Choice: How to Optimize Health and Human Capital Performance, 7/08
  • PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow, 8/08
  • Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic: Inside One of the World’s Most Admired Service Organizations, 10/08
  • SWAY: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior, 11/08
  • Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare, 12/08

Brand Management

  • Regional Health System Broadens Mission with Major Gift, 4/08
  • ‘People Brand’ Seeks to Engage Employees to Improve Retention and Create Public Advocates, 9/08

Business Development

  • House Call Medicine Comes of Age, 1/08
  • Health Care Organizations Can Harvest Retail Opportunities within
    Their Doors—Florida System Shows the Way, 3/08
  • Retail Fundamentals, 3/08
  • Medical Tourism: Opportunities Outweigh Risks for U.S. Hospitals, 3/08
  • MedPharma Partners: Five Predictions About Medical Tourism, 3/08
  • Retail Clinics: Rising Usage, Brand Awareness—Trend Is Toward Ownership by Hospitals and Chain Retailers, 8/08
  • Freestanding ERs Boost Access and Market Share, 9/08
  • Urgent Care Seen as ‘Less Risky’ Strategy, 9/08
  • Sleep Aids Waken Retail Profits in Nebraska, 9/08
  • Packaged Services Demand Key Elements, 11/08
  • Beaumont Sells Novel Ideas to Device Companies, 12/08
  • Galichia Heart Hospital’s Flat-Rate Surgery Experiment May Lead to Unexpected Boon, 12/08

Consumerism/Customer Relations and Service

  • Concierge Service Gives Peace of Mind to Employees and Patients, 7/08
  • Take a Page from High-Performing Cultures: Seven Common Attributes, 8/08


  • Some ERs Break the ‘Wait’ Mold, 4/08
  • Hospital Uses Technology Instead of Bricks and Mortar to Create Neuroscience Center Presence, 5/08
  • Coaching Reaps Benefits for Marketers and Organizations, 11/08
  • Spectrum Health Moves Innovative Ideas into Action, 12/08


  • Minnesotans Go e-Shopping for Health Care with Carol, 5/08
  • Online Tactics Bring Millennial Physicians to Community Hospital, 6/08
  • Internet-Based Initiative Invites the Public to Speak Up About Health Care—What Customers Say Isn’t Always What You’d Like to Hear, 10/08
  • Five Lessons to Learn from This [Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida] Story, 10/08

Market Research

  • Don’t Hang Up Yet—A Comparison of Online and Telephone Survey Methodologies, 7/08
  • Defining Boomers—One Segment at a Time, 11/08

Physician Relations/Operations

  • Hospitals Share Successful Physician Relations Strategies, 2/08
  • Physician Employment Helps Hospitals Achieve Medley of Financial and Strategic Goals—Maintaining Productivity and ‘Team Spirit’ Are the Chief Challenges, 6/08
  • Carolinas System Benefits from a Large, Well-Oiled Physician Liaison Effort, 6/08
  • No More Warm Bodies—Recruiting, Retaining, and Training the Right Customer Relations Staff, 6/08
  • Making Sales Sizzle: Seven Steps for Sales Success Through Training, 8/08
  • Digging for Details Pays Off, 8/08
  • MDVIP: The Fix for the Nation’s Primary Care Woes? 9/08


  • How to Best Service Your Service Lines, 10/08

Public Relations/Advocacy

  • Mini-Medical School for Adults Provides Community Outreach, 3/08
  • Behind-the-Scenes Program Targets Community Influentials, Donors, 3/08
  • MASH Camp Introduces Students to the World of Health Care, 10/08

Quality and Outcomes

  • Good Intentions Aren’t Always Rewarded—at Least at First—As ProvenCare Can Attest, 1/08
  • HCAHPS—Now What? 4/08
  • Excellent Is a Higher Standard Than Always, 4/08
  • ROI of the ‘Proceduralist’ Movement—Shorter Stays, Improved Safety, Fewer Admissions, 5/08
  • Second-Opinion Clinic Puts Patients Front and Center—Free, at Least for Now, Program Offers Comprehensive Team Approach, 7/08

Sales and Promotion

  • Move Over Women, It’s Time Providers Gave Men Their Due, 2/08
  • Outreach Programs Provide Strategic Advantage, 7/08
  • Mall Strategies Evolve, 12/08

Strategic Issues/Trends

  • The Rush to Market Hospital Ratings: Is It Wise? 10/08
  • Health Systems Are Just Starting to Tackle the Baby Boom Phenomenon, 11/08


  • Study: Hospitals Could Better Prepare Moms for Discharge, 1/08
  • Sutter Health Joins in Employee Health Management Trend, 2/08
  • Select Health Care Organizations Pursue Extensive Performing and Visual Arts Programs—Physical and Emotional Healing Environment; Popular with Staff, 8/08
  • Musicians on Call Perform for Hospitals in New York and Elsewhere, 8/08