HOA Management Companies – Brand-New Special Report for HOA Boards

We’re proud to announce the release of the latest exclusive Special Report from HOAleader.com:

HOA Management Companies: A Practical Guide for Homeowners Association Boards

This report helps homeowners association boards make smart decisions when working with an HOA management company. Whether you’re hiring, firing or just trying to work well with an HOA manager, you’ll find practical tips and advice on best practices that will help make your job easier and your home owners association or condominium association more successful.

See the table of contents below.

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  Table of Contents  
  HOA Governance: Making the Outside-Managed vs.
Self-Managed Decision
  5 Rules to Live By for Self-Managed Homeowners Associations 4  
  Do You Need to Hire an On-site Manager for Your
Homeowners Association?
  7 Tips for Choosing the Right HOA Management Company 10  
  5 Questions to Ask Your Manager about Your Homeowner
Association’s Finances
  5 Must-Have Clauses in Your HOA Management Contract 15  
  HOA Management Contracts: 5 Cause-for-Pause Clauses 19  
  Best Practices for Working with Your HOA Management Company 23  
  4 Tips to Get Top Service from Your HOA Management Company 25  
  9 Responsibilities HOA Boards Shouldn’t Delegate to a Manager 27  
  Why Your HOA Board—Not Your Manager—Must Authorize Liens 30  
  Does Your Management Company Have Conflicts of Interest? 32  
  HOA Management Fees: Beware These Questionable Fees;
How Your Association Can Address Them
  Should You Fire Your HOA Manager? 5 Tips on How to Decide
If It?s Time

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