eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends: 2010 Index of Articles

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, January – December 2010


  • 2010 eHealthcare Leadership Award Winners, 12/10

Customer Service

  • Medical Center Takes Consumer-Centric Approach to Communicating Quality, 2/10


  • Midwest Provider Tests Online Diagnosis as a Mobile App, 8/10
  • ED Wait Times Transmitted Via Billboard, Text Message, 9/10
  • Virtual Online Assistants Represent Opportunities for Hospitals, 10/10
  • Booking ER Appointments Online Beats Waiting in Line, 11/10


  • Video Game Technology in Healthcare: New Tools for Consumers and Healthcare Professionals Change the e-Health Landscape, 1/10
  • Key Takeaways from Recent Mobile Strategy Conference, 4/10

Management and Organization

  • The Right Web Team Structure—Finally—Leads to Successful Web Site Launch, 4/10
  • Academic Medical Center Improves Usability by Bringing a Decentralized Web Site Back to Centralized Control, 6/10
  • Ask the Expert: Is a Dedicated Hospital Web Team a Luxury … or a Necessity? 11/10


  • How to Rally Support for Hospital Funding with a Minuscule Advertising Budget, 3/10
  • Ask the Expert: Should You Weave Widgets into the Marketing Mix? 3/10
  • Study: Adults Online Are Active on Top Social Networking Sites, But Personal e-Mail Usage Remains Strong, 3/10
  • Integrated Marketing Approach—Especially the Addition of Digital Media—Helps Drive Cost Efficiency and Lifts Results for Two Healthcare Organizations, 5/10
  • Health System Adopts New Communications Model That Uses Video as Centerpiece, 5/10
  • Extension of Care Guidelines from Web Site to Mobile App Proves a Winner for a Children’s Hospital, 5/10
  • Innovative Use of Texting Benefits Brain Tumor Support Initiative, 6/10
  • Ask the Expert: Should My Organization Consider Mobile Barcodes to Reach Customers? 6/10
  • Simple, Fun ‘Healthy Is’ Campaign Builds Web Site Traffic, 8/10
  • ED Wait Times Transmitted Via Billboard, Text Message, 9/10
  • What an e-Mail Open Rate Is and Isn’t—and How to Improve Yours, 10/10
  • Mobile Advertising: The Next Generation of Brand Awareness, 12/10
  • E-Mail Newsletter Featuring Videos Drives Nurse Recruiting at Midwest Health System, 12/10

Search Engine Strategies

  • Use of Social Media Improves Paid and Organic Search Results, 1/10

Social Media

  • Scott & White Turns to Twitter During Fort Hood Tragedy, 1/10
  • Something to Chat About: Regence Masters Social Media, 2/10
  • How to Improve and Expand Your Use of Twitter, 3/10
  • ‘9:00 a.m. Less Than a 15-Minute Wait in the ER,’ 4/10
  • Integration of Social Media and e-Mail Offers Many Benefits, 6/10
  • BJC HealthCare Leverages the Power of Community to Tell Its Story, Improve Healthcare, 7/10
  • Social Media and Defamation: Are You at Risk? 7/10
  • Common Social Media Terms and Other Important Information That Every Healthcare C-Suite Executive Needs to Know, 8/10
  • Blue Shield of California Takes Social Media to the Next Level, 9/10
  • Social Bookmarking Can Pay Big Benefits with Little Effort, 9/10
  • Physician Practices Recognize the Power of Social Media, 10/10
  • CME for Docs Who Want to Learn About Social Media, 11/10
  • The Important Role of Social Media in Preparing for and Handling a Crisis, 11/10
  • Bellin Run: Something to Tweet About, 12/10

Strategic Web Initiatives

  • Hospital Subsites Take Another Step in Consumer Engagement, 1/10
  • Mission Blends Seamlessly with Social Media at St. Anthony, 4/10
  • Ask the Expert: Should You Use a Branded Microsite to Promote One of Your Services? 9/10

Strategy/Planning/Site Development

  • Ask the Expert: What Are the Four Most Important Web Site Best Practices? 1/10
  • Ask the Expert: When and How Should You Prepare for Redesigning Your Web Site? 2/10
  • Ask the Expert: How Do I Start a Patient Portal without Breaking the Bank? 4/10
  • Do Mobile Web Sites Have to Comply with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act? 4/10
  • Tight Alignment of Marketing and IT—Plus Balance of Fads and Fundamentals—Leads to Strong Web Initiatives, 6/10
  • Children’s Hospital Finds It Can Super-Size Its Web Site, But Not Its Staff or Budget, 7/10
  • Consumer Satisfaction with Web Sites Varies Widely by Industry and within Some Industries, 7/10
  • Ask the Expert: You’ve Left Healthcare for the Financial World, But Could
    You Answer Some Questions We Have? 7/10
  • Study: Effective Web Site Intercept Surveys, 8/10
  • The Benefits of Personas in Web Site Development, 9/10
  • Ask the Expert: Why Is It Vital to Incorporate User Research During a Web Site Redesign? 10/10
  • The Impact of Research on Patient Portal Design, 10/10


  • Webcam Use Spans the Age Spectrum, 2/10
  • Midwest Provider Tests Online Diagnosis as a Mobile App, 8/10
  • Ask the Expert: Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records—An Obligation or an Opportunity? 8/10
  • Virtual Online Assistants Represent Opportunities for Hospitals, 10/10

Trends, Developments, Online Demographics

  • Significant Changes to HIPAA Take Effect, 3/10
  • Ask the Expert: What Role Does Quality Play in Healthcare Marketing Today—and What Can I Expect in the Next Few Years? 5/10
  • Ask the Expert: How Would You Characterize Today’s Level of e-Healthcare Development? Part One, 12/10

Web Site Reviews

  • Siteman Cancer Center—myCompass, St. Luke’s, Marietta Memorial Hospital, 1/10
  • St. Helena Hospital, Southern Regional Health System, Diabetes Daily, 2/10
  • Seattle Children’s, Celebration Chain, Penn Center for Executive Health, 3/10
  • ProHealth Care, That Guy, USC Hospitals, 4/10
  • The Christ Hospital, The Mayo Clinic Diet Fan Page on Facebook, Methodist Health System, Women’s Health Foundation, 5/10
  • Intermountain Healthcare, Meridian At Home, AstraZeneca’s Symbicort My Measures for Success, 6/10
  • The Methodist Hospital System, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System—Financial Help, Regence BlueCross BlueShield—What’s the Real Cost, American Cancer Society—Choose You, 7/10
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital –Virtual Tour, Athens Regional Medical Center—Interactive Map, Virtua Health, Memorial Hospital of South Bend—What’s Really Going on Inside? 8/10
  • The Children’s Hospital—Denver, Sherman Health, Quincy Medical Group, 9/10
  • Main Line Health, Ogden Clinic, Halifax Health Hospice, 10/10
  • Jefferson University Hospitals, Bayhealth Medical Center, UnitedHealthcare—Health Care Lane, 11/10
  • Seattle Children’s Construction Blog, Broward Health Cardiac Care, 12/10