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HOA Finances: Best Practices for Getting Your Homeowners Association through Difficult Economic Times

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Table of Contents

Can You Sell Common Areas To Generate Revenue?

Can Your Homeowner Association Purchase Distressed Units?

Should Your HOA Hire a Collection

Cleaning Up Vacant Properties in Your HOA

5 Ways To Trim Your HOA’s Budget Today

What To Do When Owners Go Bankrupt

6 Critical Moves for Smart HOA Management in Today’s Economy

7 Keys To Collecting Assessments in Today’s Economy

Sample Homeowners Association Delinquency Policy

Dear HOA Leader,

This report was created to help you make smart decisions and help your HOA weather the current financial storm. We’ve spoken to leading condominium and homeowner association advisors across the country and distilled their recommendations down into practical, plain-English suggestions for what you can do now to best position your association for financial stability. Times are tough, but the good news is there are steps you can take today that will help.

Matt Humphrey

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